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You’re sweltering in the relentless Kentucky heat, and your AC unit wheezes a last, feeble breath. You’re faced with a conundrum that could leave you sweating both physically and financially – an AC unit replacement.

This isn’t just about restoring comfort to your La Grange, KY home. It’s about making an informed decision. This article will offer a comprehensive checklist for testing and inspecting your home AC unit to help you make that decision.

Age of Your AC Unit

Is your AC unit over ten years old? It might be time for a replacement. That also depends on whether you have maintained the system over that decade. Without maintenance, minor issues can turn into expensive repairs.

Energy Bills

Use a spreadsheet or phone app to monitor your energy bills. It will help you spot a spike in costs. If your bills rise more than expected, your AC unit might be inefficient and need replacing.

Repair Frequency

Do you find yourself adding your AC repair team to speed dial? Frequent repairs are a sure sign of an underlying problem. It could make more sense for you to spend that money on a replacement instead.

Inconsistent Temperatures

Perhaps you’ve spotted problems with the temperature in your home. Or you’ve found that some rooms are cooler than others. That could mean you need a new AC unit, as it’s a sign that the system isn’t distributing cool air evenly.

Humidity Issues

Reliable AC units produce the correct humidity levels – not too humid or dry. A gadget called a hygrometer will allow you to check humidity levels if you suspect a problem.


High-quality AC units shouldn’t sound noisy. And an unusual or new noise might indicate a problem. It’s always worth getting noise inspected by a professional HVAC company as it may show a severe mechanical problem.


Unpleasant odors are signs of an AC unit with a problem. It could indicate mold or issues with wires. Either way, get the problem checked by an AC professional. It may mean you need to invest in an AC replacement.

Poor Air Quality

Do you find dust settling on surfaces around your home? Or have you experienced dust allergies? It could mean there is a problem with your AC air filter. That is a good check before deciding if you need an AC replacement.


Check for puddles or leaks around your AC unit. They indicate a likely problem with your system. Both issues are severe and will likely mean you need a replacement.

Constantly Running Unit

A constantly running unit becomes expensive and also indicates a problem. Investing in an AC replacement might make more sense financially, offering you a more efficient system.

Home Comfort

The last check is to ask whether you are comfortable in your home. If you aren’t feeling cool on a hot day, it might be a sign that your AC unit isn’t working well.

Is an AC Unit Replacement Your Next Move?

As you navigate the journey of AC unit replacement, remember that One Choice Mechanical is your trusted partner in La Grange, KY.

We’re committed to ensuring your home’s comfort with our top-notch AC and heating services. Don’t let the heat get you down—reach out to us today and experience the One Choice Mechanical difference.

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