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If you’ve never lived somewhere with a ductless HVAC system, you may not know how cool (pun intended) these machines are. Looking for a heating and cooling solution to replace the window units in your Louisville, Kentucky home? Ductless is an innovative HVAC system which offers zoning, energy efficiency, and simple installation.

Zoned Temperature Control

If we install a separate outdoor unit for each indoor unit, which is common with ductless systems, you get temperature zoning all over your home. Each ductless unit will serve part of your home without impacting the rest. That means the kids who are always cold can have warm bedrooms, without forcing that same temperature all over the rest of the house.

Easier Retrofits

Adding ducts to an old house is complicated and costly. Ductless systems are far easier to install because we won’t have to get into the attic and basement to fit a network with ducts. Though ductless systems are known for being a little pricier than other units, the cost of a duct retrofit can be prohibitively high depending on how your house was constructed.

Good Energy Efficiency

As much as we love central air and how convenient it is to have a duct system cool or heat an entire home, sometimes ducts cause efficiency losses. A duct network that was installed incorrectly, or ducts with small holes and damage, will lose treated air, which means the HVAC system has to run longer to achieve the desired temperature. Ductless systems crank out the air straight from the system, so there’s no conduit it has to go through. That saves you on your energy bills.

Ready to go ductless? The pros from One Choice Mechanical, LLC will examine your home and talk with you about ductless possibilities. We will work with your budget and your indoor temperature needs to find the ductless solution that will add comfort and convenience to your life. Give us a shout at (502) 242-8204.

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