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Home comfort is essential to you, and when you have guests in your Fairdale, Kentucky home, you want them to be as comfortable as possible. Create a guest room that will make your guests happy. A welcoming guest room is a thoughtful way to show your visitors that you are happy to have them stay with you. A few simple tricks, like adding an air purifier and providing toiletries, will upgrade your guest room to expert-level welcoming.

Think Like a Hotel

When you walk into a hotel room, you’re greeted by fresh towels and small bottles of toiletries. Provide the same comforts for your guests. A couple of bottles of shampoos, a little tube of toothpaste, and a water bottle will make them feel welcome, even if they remembered to pack all those things. 

Provide a Surface for a Suitcase

A bench or a wide chair provides the perfect spot for guests to put their suitcases. Even if you provide them with drawers so they can unpack, some people prefer to keep their belongings in a suitcase. Dealing with a suitcase on the floor is annoying and inconvenient. They’ll love you for thinking of this.

Use an Air Purifier

Make sure your guests aren’t breathing in any unfamiliar allergens by putting an air purifier in their room. Run it for a day or two before they arrive, then show them how to use it so they can run it as they please. Guests who wake up to fresh air and without a stuffy nose or a sore throat, are happy guests.

Provide Household Information

In a picture frame or on a little chalkboard, provide some household information. Include the address of your home, the Wi-Fi password, and any useful little tips that will make being in your home easier. Any house rules, like leaving shoes by the door or not feeding the dog at the table, should go on this list. If your family has a specific schedule (like kids in bed by 8 p.m.), put that on the information card, too.

Switch to Zoned Heating and Cooling

Give your guests control over the temperature in their room by zoning your heating and cooling. If you’ve already been thinking about zoning your heating and cooling in your house, making a comfortable guest room is another great reason. That way, you don’t have more people to think about when setting the thermostat, because your guests will have control of the guest room HVAC zone.

Create a Charging Station

One of the worst parts of traveling is forgetting all the cords you need to charge your devices. Get a few of the most common chargers, like the lightning cord for the iPhone and a micro USB charger, and leave them on the bedside table or near an outlet.

Make the Bed Welcoming

Sleeping in an unfamiliar place is always hard the first night or two. Along with clean sheets and a nice pillow, provide a comforter and some throw pillows, too. You ought to spend a night in the guest room to discover how it feels. Maybe the light in the morning shines brightly through the window, and you need a new set of curtains. Perhaps the bed blocks the AC vent, and you should move it.

Before your guests arrive, you should schedule HVAC maintenance with One Choice Mechanical. We’ll ensure that the AC or heat doesn’t break while guests are at your home because waking up to a sweltering house would be unwelcoming. We can also do a duct cleaning, give you tips for reducing the humidity in your home, or recommend better air filters, so your IAQ is flawless when your friends or family get to your house. Schedule one of our technicians today by calling (502) 242-8204.

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