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With the heating season quickly approaching in Louisville, Kentucky, you may be wondering if your heating system can endure the cold months. You should ask the following questions to help you find a new furnace that’s best suited for your individual needs and budget.

What Type of Furnace System?

When replacing your furnace, you’ll likely have to choose between a split and a packaged unit. Split systems are the most common central home heating system. They use a separate air conditioner and furnace unit to maintain comfort in your home. These units are also split between the indoor air handler and furnace units and then an outdoor condenser unit.

Packaged systems, on the other hand, bring heating and cooling into one unit. Some homeowners prefer packaged systems because the system sits outside, saving room inside the living space.

Which Fuel Should I Get?

Furnaces can run on either oil, gas, or electricity. Natural gas furnaces are the most common since natural gas can maintain comfort efficiently. Many homeowners turn to oil heating when they live in an area without natural gas lines, but oil tends to require more room for storage and can be more expensive than natural gas. Electric furnaces can be environmentally friendly, but they will make your electricity bills rise since they transform electricity into heat.

Do I Need a Zoning System?

Everyone experiences comfort differently; you may be cozy while your partner is freezing in the next room. Zoned systems allow you to personalize comfort by creating zones within your home, where you can control the temperature. One way to zone your home is to place dampers in your duct network to open or limit HVAC airflow to the zones to maintain those different temperatures.

You can also effectively "zone" your home by installing a ductless unit, which involves an indoor air handler that sits right on the wall of each room. Each room with a ductless unit then becomes its own zone.

How Does This Furnace Help My Indoor Air Quality?

Your HVAC system should help improve your indoor air quality by removing pollutants in your home, and you want to make sure your new furnace will be able to effectively do so. When considering a new furnace, you should consider the efficiency of its filters and whether you need additional technology to improve your indoor air quality. If you’re particularly susceptible to allergies or asthma, for example, you may want to install a whole-home air cleaner with your furnace.

Do I Want a Fixed- or Variable-Speed Blower?

An important component of your furnace is the blower. When choosing a new furnace, you’ll likely have to choose between a variable-speed blower and a fixed-speed blower. A fixed-speed blower uses a single speed to blow air throughout your home, while a variable-speed blower can adjust blowing speed over time. While a fixed-speed blower usually requires less maintenance, it’s also louder and less efficient than a variable-speed blower.

What Is My Budget?

You should always take your budget into account when choosing a new furnace. When setting your budget, you’ll need to consider more than the price of the furnace. You should also consider the size of the unit, installation costs, the cost of additional indoor air quality technology, and any possible changes to your ductwork.

Does the Size of the Furnace Match My Load Requirement?

The size of your furnace will affect how efficiently and effectively the unit can heat your home. Furnaces are designed to handle a certain load requirement. This is calculated by using your square footage, the number and placement of doors and windows, the size of rooms, and more. This load requirement determines how much energy the furnace will need to use to keep your home cozy. One of our HVAC technicians can measure your load requirement so you can find a furnace perfectly fitted for the needs of your living space.

Your next furnace will affect the comfort, health, and efficiency of your home for years to come, so don’t be afraid to ask questions when making this big decision. For further questions on furnaces, or to have one installed in your home, call One Choice Mechanical, LLC at 502-242-8204.

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