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Despite your best efforts to improve energy efficiency in your Louisville, Kentucky, home, your energy costs continue to rise. Leaky ducts may be the culprit. Duct leakage forces your system to work harder to maintain comfort. However, a duct sealing can keep your air where it belongs. Here are the following signs you may need a duct sealing.

Rising Utility Costs

Many factors go into determining your utility costs, but if you can rule out other contributing factors, duct leaks may be causing the problem. If you are heating and cooling efficiently and conducting necessary HVAC maintenance, but your energy bills are still rising, an air leak may be forcing your system to work harder to maintain comfort. The strain on your unit will continue to increase your utility costs.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Air leaks don’t just let air escape from your ducts, they also allow pollutants into your airflow. Dust, dirt, pollen, bacteria, and allergens will spread throughout your home and exacerbate allergies, cause illness, and create discomfort. If you notice excess dirt or dust in your home, or if you’re experiencing more allergic reactions, a duct sealing can help restore your indoor air quality.

Increased Discomfort

That same strain caused by duct leaks that increases your utility costs can also reduce the comfort in your home. Air leaks bring in unconditioned air from outside and can make you feel warmer or cooler than you prefer. That heat transfer makes your system struggle to meet the thermostat setting, which will steadily reduce your system’s energy efficiency and only compound the discomfort in your home. Sealing your ducts, however, will increase both energy efficiency and comfort.

Don’t let air duct leaks keep you from having the efficient, healthy, and comfortable home you deserve. To schedule a duct sealing today, call One Choice Mechanical, LLC at 502-242-8204.

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