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When it comes to things that disturb our winter comforts, few people think of leaky ducts. In reality, poor ductwork is a bigger issue than you may think.

There are several reasons why your ducts may be underperforming. They may be old, damaged, or simply installed poorly. Whatever the case, dealing with this issue on time may help you avoid air duct replacement.

Not sure if the ductwork in your Louisville home needs attention? Here are five telltale signs you should repair ductwork right away!

1. High Energy Bills

When air travels through your ducts, some of it will escape. If over 20% of air escapes, though, you’ll notice it on your energy bills. That’s because this sort of inefficiency causes the HVAC to work harder than usual.

Of course, leaky ductwork isn’t the only reason for an energy bill spike. This could also happen due to new gadgets like laptops draining more power. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to check if your ducts are still working as intended.

2. Sneezing Fits

The easiest way for dust to get into your home is through old air ducts. Of course, once dust gets in, the vents will disperse it throughout the house. If you’ve been sneezing a lot lately, you may have a dusty home.

It’s worth noting that leaky ducts will let in more than dust. Allergens like pollen enter your home the same way, prompting more sneezing fits. Pollen is particularly dangerous for people suffering from asthma issues.

3. Noisy Ducts

Your HVAC should make some noise while it’s in use, but it shouldn’t be distracting. If you keep hearing rattling sounds coming from the ducts or see the ductwork vibrate, you may need an air duct cleaning.

Other ductwork noises can be more intimidating. For instance, most ducts in a home are connected by fiberglass or plastic joints. Hearing whistling sounds is a sign these joints got damaged and require replacing.

4. Uneven Heating

During winter, it’s easy to tell if one room in your house isn’t as warm as the others. This often happens due to faulty ductwork, as any leaks will prevent the HVAC from sending enough air to some parts of the house.

The easiest way to confirm the issue lies in your ducts is to use an indoor thermometer. If the differences in temperature between rooms are obvious, inspect the ducts. Chances are, you’ll need to invest in duct sealing.

5. Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are also issues caused by poorly insulated ducts. When warm air travels through cool ducts, for example, it creates condensation. This often leads to mold and mildew developing over the coming months.

Some types of mold can have a major adverse effect on human health. If you smell it every time you turn the HVAC on, it’s likely in the ducts. If so, you should invest in air duct repair as soon as possible.

How to Repair Ductwork

In some cases, repairing ductwork can be a fun DIY project. This usually involves simple fixes like cleaning, sealing, or insulating the ducts. Other times, though, you’ll need a professional on the case.

Looking for someone to repair ductwork for you? At One Choice Mechanical, we service homes in the Louisville, La Grange, and Clarksville areas! Contact us here to take advantage of our 24/7 emergency services!

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