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Considering the fact that your ductwork is hidden behind walls, you probably don’t think of it much. This can pose problems, as ductwork — like all other things — breaks down over time. If it’s not repaired or replaced in a timely manner, it can have extremely negative consequences for the performance and energy efficiency of your HVAC system.

That begs the question: when should you consider a ductwork replacement in your Louisville, KY home? We’re going to get into that below, giving you the biggest signs that you should be replacing duct work soon. 

When Your Ductwork Is Over 15 Years of Age

Generally speaking, ductwork lasts between 10 and 15 years. Once it’s reached the 15-year mark, it’s almost certainly breaking down in several areas. This is why even if there are no other glaring signs of deterioration, you should replace your ductwork once it’s reached 15 years of age. 

If you wait to have them replaced, your HVAC system will almost certainly suffer from energy efficiency issues. In other words, you’ll be losing money on energy costs. 

When Your Ducts Are Rattling

Another sign that you might need to replace your ducts is that they’re rattling. This is a common sign of deteriorating ducts, as it indicates that they’re loosening up at their joints. 

You’ll most typically hear ducts rattling when an HVAC cycle begins. That said, if you listen closely, you should be able to hear rattling throughout the operation of the HVAC unit. 

Now, this doesn’t necessarily indicate the need for a duct replacement. In some cases, a simple repair will get the job done. Regardless, you should schedule an inspection with your local HVAC technician. 

When Your Energy Bills Are Getting Higher and Higher

As ducts break down, they form gaps through which air can pass. When air leaves through these gaps, it doesn’t make it to its intended destination. This forces the HVAC system to work harder in order to accommodate the settings on the thermostat. 

What happens when the HVAC system works harder? It uses more energy than what is typical. So, if your energy bills are getting higher and higher, consider bringing an HVAC technician in for a duct inspection. 

When There Are Temperature Inconsistencies Throughout Your Home

Your kitchen is 72 degrees. Your bedroom is 68 degrees. What’s causing the discrepancy? In all likelihood, it has to do with your ducts

It could be that your ducts are blocked up with debris. On the other hand, your ducts could be deteriorating and thus not allowing air to make it to your bedroom. 

In any case, if there are temperature inconsistencies throughout your home, you need to bring an HVAC specialist in for a duct inspection. They’ll take a look and determine whether a replacement is needed. 

Need a Ductwork Replacement in Louisville, KY?

Has your duct work seen better days? Need a ductwork replacement in Louisville, KY? If so, we here at One Choice Mechanical have you covered. 

We do residential duct work all over the Louisville area. Our team knows exactly when to replace duct work, and will ensure that yours is replaced in a timely manner. 

Contact us now to discuss your new duct system! 

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