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You wouldn’t think something as simple as a dirty furnace filter could cause big problems in your HVAC system, but it can. Though Briarwood, KY, doesn’t see the coldest winters in the country, heaters still run for months and need to be properly maintained. In this article, we’ll discuss four possible issues caused by dirty, clogged filters.

Increased Energy Costs

A dirty furnace filter causes your HVAC system to work harder against the obstructed airflow that excess dirt and debris cause. Your furnace may short-cycle or run all the time, without making your home all that warm. This increased system runtime jacks up your heating and cooling costs.

Poor Home Air Quality

When your filter is full, there’s nothing to catch harmful allergens in the air like spores, pet dander and dust. An overly clogged filter spreads this material throughout your entire HVAC system, and then throughout the air in your Briarwood, KY, home. If you’ve been noticing more allergen symptoms or more frequent bouts of illness, your furnace filter might be to blame.

Damage to Your HVAC System

When airflow becomes restricted, the motor on your furnace runs harder to compensate, leading to burnout and repair. In fact, a dirty furnace filter is one of the most common causes of furnace breakdowns. If your furnace overheats too much due to this problem, a complete replacement is a possibility.

Chilly Home

A clogged filter lessens the flow of warm air throughout your Briarwood, KY, home. Your furnace may take longer to heat rooms than it used to, or it may run constantly even if it’s not that cold outside. If the furnace runs but blows out lukewarm air or a feeble stream of air, try changing the filter.

Need the rest of your annual maintenance work done now that you’ve changed the filter? Give One Choice Mechanical a call and ask us about our maintenance plans.

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