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Air duct leakage is one of the leading causes of energy loss in your Fern Creek, Kentucky, home. Not only does it cause your HVAC system to work overtime to keep up with your temperature settings, but it also invites contaminants into your ducts that enter your living space. Fortunately, you can curb these problems with Aeroseal. This revolutionary product seals your ducts from the inside-out, reducing energy waste, improving air quality, and giving you the home comfort you desire.

Reducing Energy Waste

The only thing between you and your HVAC unit is a labyrinth of sheet metal. However, this maze has the arduous task of bringing treated air into your home. When it starts to separate or shift, air leaks out into places you don’t need it such as the attic or crawlspace. With Aeroseal, these holes and gaps get filled, allowing air to flow freely throughout your home. As a result, your furnace doesn’t get as much wear and tear, and your energy bills fall dramatically.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

While air leaking out of the ducts is certainly a problem, the contaminants and pollutants from outside the ductwork pose an equally as significant of a problem. Untreated and unclean air can pour into your home via the crawlspace, which is notorious for harboring dust, debris, noxious chemicals, and pests. Aeroseal plugs these gaps, preventing these harmful particles from entering the home.

Enhanced Home Comfort

Your furnace and air conditioner are responsible for enhancing your home comfort, but even the most expensive units won’t make a difference if you have leaky ducts. When treated air leaves the ducts, you won’t get the even temperature you desire. Fortunately, Aeroseal allows this air direct access to your home, providing you with comfort no matter what the outside temperature.

If you’ve decided it’s time to rid yourself of the problems of leaky ducts, One Choice Mechanical, LLC has your back. With Aeroseal and our highly trained technicians, you’ll never have to worry about energy loss again. Give us a call today at (502) 242-8204 to schedule an appointment.

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