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Winter is just around the corner, and although it brings some chilly weather, that doesn’t mean that you have to succumb to overwhelming heating bills. By following a few simple, energy-saving tips, you can drastically reduce the energy usage in your Louisville, Kentucky, home. This frees up more time and money to spend on the more important things in life. Here are just a few hacks and handy ideas to get you started.

Eliminate Drafts With Fresh Weatherstripping

One of the best things you can do to reduce energy waste in your home is to find and eliminate drafts. Cold air that comes into your home wreaks havoc on your efficiency and monthly energy bill. However, sealing these drafts is far easier than you think.

To begin your draft elimination venture, take a look at your doors and windows. Both of these have weatherstripping. Made from vinyl, rubber, or silicone, these strips of material seal the gaps between the door or window and their frame, eliminating drafts in your home. However, weatherstripping suffers from wear and tear after 5 to 10 years. If you haven’t checked your weather stripping during that time, make sure to do so as soon as possible.

Get a Furnace Tuneup

You relied on your air conditioner all summer long and even for some of the fall, but it’s finally time to give it a much-needed rest. However, your furnace probably hasn’t seen any action for six months or more. While there’s the possibility its hibernation had no ill effects, it’s better to err on the side of caution.

During a furnace tuneup, our factory-trained technicians will conduct a 20-point inspection of the unit, ensuring that it’s in tip-top shape and running at maximum efficiency. Plus, it provides the added benefits of reliability and peace of mind. You wouldn’t want your furnace to stop working during the holiday season, and a tuneup is just what you need to avoid the problem altogether.

Consider a Preventive Maintenance Plan

If you have so much going on during winter that you forget about furnace maintenance, you may want to consider a preventive maintenance plan. This takes the guesswork and hassle out of getting an annual or biannual tuneup. Twice a year, we mail out postcards to our preventive maintenance customers to remind them that it’s time for a furnace and air conditioner checkup.

When you decide to sign up for our preferred customer plan, you not only get a friendly reminder for maintenance, but you also receive tons of other benefits. This includes two complimentary inspections and HVAC cleanings, discounts on repairs, $250 off installation, and more. When you feel overwhelmed or absent-minded, a maintenance plan is one of the best investments you’ll make.

Repair Leaky Ductwork

According to ENERGY STAR, homes can lose up to 20 percent of their heating efficiency due to leaky ducts. That’s quite a substantial amount when you think about it, especially because it’s easily preventable. While it’s difficult for you to check the ductwork in your home, we employ the Aeroseal system. This technologically advanced system has revolutionized duct sealing, locating leaks and filling them via a vacuum seal. Even though there’s an initial cost, the money you save this winter and over subsequent winters is well worth the time and money.

Change Out Your Light Bulbs

If you’re like many Americans, you love to get into the festive holiday spirit. This means setting up lights and other decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. However, if you’re using old, incandescent bulbs, you could be throwing money away. These bulbs are far less efficient than new LED, halogen, or CFL bulbs. When you’re buying new lighting or if you’re looking to upgrade, make the transition to these high-efficiency bulbs.

Saving cash this winter on your energy bill isn’t all that difficult if you know where to start. With these tips, you can dramatically reduce your energy bills, which puts money in your hand. If you need the aid of a professional in this process, don’t hesitate to call One Choice Mechanical. We have the best technicians in the business to get the job done quickly and professionally. Contact us today at (502) 242-8204.

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