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For many Louisville, KY residents, December 24, 2022, was one of, if not the coldest days they’ve seen in the city. After all, wind chills on that day hit the negative 20s.

But there’s more to come; some of Louisville’s snowiest days may occur from January to early March 2023.

That’s enough reason not to delay necessary furnace repair in Louisville, KY. After all, you don’t want your heating system to break down in the middle of a cold winter night.

But how do you tell that you need professional furnace repair service in the first place? Below is a list of the signs to look out for, so read on.

Not Enough or No Heat at All

Faulty thermostats are common HVAC issues that can cause this furnace problem. Another typical culprit is severe clogging in air filters.

So before calling a furnace repair company, reset the thermostat first. You should also change its batteries and ensure it’s set to “heat” mode. Finally, check the filters and replace or wash them if they’re filthy.

If those steps don’t help, your furnace may have a more severe problem, such as a damaged motor or a clogged burner. Repairs for these are best left in the hands of a licensed Louisville HVAC company.

Loud and Weird Noises

A booming sound from a furnace can be due to severe soot build-up in burners. A banging or scraping noise can indicate loose components or a lack of lubrication. Loud squeals can signal belt, fan, or motor issues.

Either way, loud noises your furnace has never made until now are possible signs of problems. Call an HVAC specialist before it goes permanently silent due to complete failure.

Rotten Egg Smells

In Kentucky, about 4 in 10 households use natural gas as their primary home heating fuel. If your Louisville family does, too, please beware of rotten egg smells from your furnace. These foul odors can indicate a gas leak.

If you notice such smells, please turn off your furnace and shut the gas valve immediately. Then, as you make your way outside your home, open as many doors and windows as possible to let the gas dissipate. Once outside, call your gas provider and a local Louisville furnace repair company.

Repeated Tripping of CO Alarms

Natural gas is much safer and cleaner for residential use than other fossil fuels. However, incomplete combustion wastes it and causes it to form carbon monoxide (CO). This issue is more common in ill-maintained furnaces, especially those with dirty burners.

The biggest concern is that a faulty furnace can leak CO into your home. This can happen if its heat exchanger cracks. From there, the invisible, tasteless, and odorless gas can spread throughout your home.

If you have CO alarms, the gas can cause them to go off.

If your alarms keep tripping while your furnace is running, shut down your heating system. Then, follow the same steps you’d take if there’s a potential natural gas leak at home.

Please don’t delay having your furnace fixed because carbon monoxide is poisonous. Each year, accidental CO exposure causes over 100,000 people in the U.S. to require emergency medical help.

Call a Pro for Furnace Repair in Louisville, KY

From no heat to loud noises, these are all signs it’s time for furnace repair in Louisville, KY. It’s even more likely if you’ve already restarted the thermostat or changed filters.

In that case, One Choice Mechanical is ready to help. Contact us for a free furnace estimate or to schedule your repair service.

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