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In Louisville, Kentucky, we depend on air conditioning to keep us comfortable throughout the summer and on the warmer days of spring and fall. Our HVAC systems work overtime due to the oppressive humidity and high average temperatures. By scheduling routine HVAC maintenance before the humid days of May and June, you can enjoy increased comfort and higher levels of efficiency and reliability. Here’s why routine HVAC maintenance is always a good idea.

The Benefits of Seasonal Maintenance

  • Increased reliability is the main advantage of annual tune-ups. Your One Choice Mechanical, LLC technician will check each part of your heat pump or air conditioner. Minor issues like low refrigerant can lead to breakdowns and bigger problems down the road, but they are easily corrected in the spring.
  • Maintenance boosts efficiency. Slight changes can reduce operating noise and increase performance. Air handling adjustments eliminate hot and cold spots so that you don’t have to adjust the thermostat frequently to stay comfortable. Clogged or bent coil fins, as well as loose belts and fan blades, have a detrimental effect on energy efficiency.
  • Changing your filter monthly is a good way to increase airflow. It also prevents allergens from circulating your home. However, air filters don’t prevent microbes from proliferating. Condensation that falls from the coils should drip away from the unit. If the outlet pipe is clogged, moisture can rust the metal components and create an ideal environment for mold.
  • Upgrades like fully integrated air cleaners and ultraviolet lamps can be added to your cooling system early in the season. Electrostatic air filters remove pollen and microscopic particles that cause spring allergies. Ultraviolet light kills bacteria and microbes, so these lamps are installed near the evaporator coils. By completing routine maintenance, your air conditioning system will function better and remove more humidity.

Making Time for Tune-ups

To learn more about maintenance requirements or to schedule a tune-up, call One Choice Mechanical, LLC today. We are based in Louisville and proudly serve customers across the greater metropolitan area.

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