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Fall in Louisville, KY, can take a toll on your household, especially if you haven’t yet prepared your heating and cooling system for the cold weather ahead. Unfortunately, the myths associated with HVAC systems can be misleading. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common and costly HVAC misconceptions.

1. A Thermostat’s Location Doesn’t Matter

The truth is that the location of your thermostat does matter because it determines the temperature readings you get. For instance, when you place it near a window or door, the thermostat reads that the house is warmer than it actually is. Therefore, the thermostat turns on the air conditioning unit, causing it to run longer than it should, so it consumes more energy.

2. Turning the Thermostat All the Way Down or Up Cools Your Home Faster

Oversteering doesn’t cool or heat your home faster. The HVAC system functions at one speed regardless of the settings. The best way is to set the thermostat at the desired temperature settings and leave it there. You can always adjust it later when the need arises.

3. The Bigger the HVAC System, the Better

Your home might not necessarily require a bigger HVAC system. Moreover, an HVAC system that’s too large for your home or business will have a shorter lifespan and consume more energy. It’s important to hire an HVAC technician to assist you with choosing the right system after taking your rooms’ measurements.

4. Leaving Fans Running Lowers Home Temperatures

Your home’s temperatures don’t drop when you leave your fans on because their role is only to circulate air. While a fan’s breeze can make a room feel cooler, leaving your fans running increases energy consumption and raises energy costs. You can only lower room temperatures through house modifications like insulating windows or installing other solutions.

5. If It’s Not Faulty, There’s No Need to Check or Upgrade the Old System

If you don’t maintain your HVAC system at least twice annually, you’re putting the system at the risk of breaking down, especially as it ages. Proper maintenance is an important proactive measure that keeps the HVAC efficient and your home comfortable. You don’t have to wait for the HVAC to break down to call a technician for maintenance.

If you haven’t upgraded your old HVAC system, it’s time to do so. Replacing your old HVAC system is wise because it’s less prone to breakdowns than an old model. Newer HVAC models are quieter, easy to operate, and more energy-efficient, reducing your monthly utility bills.

6. HVAC Maintenance Is a DIY Project

Aside from cleaning and changing your air filters, it’s best to leave any HVAC maintenance projects to an expert, no matter how handy you are. The HVAC technician is knowledgeable and experienced enough to detect problems during a regular maintenance schedule. Also, unlike an individual attempting a DIY project, a trained technician can fix minor service issues that could cause costly repairs.

The common idea that HVAC maintenance isn’t necessary is misleading. Contact a professional HVAC technician for maintenance at least twice a year to increase your system’s efficiency and lifespan.

7. Turning an HVAC System Off and On Reduces Energy Consumption

In reality, HVAC systems use the most energy during the first five minutes they’re on. Therefore, continually turning the system off and on causes higher energy bills because the system unnecessarily uses more energy. Try leaving your HVAC system uninterrupted to maintain your home’s temperature and prevent energy loss.

Now that we’ve busted these HVAC myths, you can start to enjoy a more efficient heating and cooling system. The next step should be to reach out to a trusted HVAC professional to help you cut energy bills. Give our team at One Choice Mechanical a call today, and let us maintain, repair or replace your Louisville, KY, home’s HVAC system.

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