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A smart thermostat allows you to regulate your home temperatures using an internet-controlled device. This may be a smartphone or a tablet that connects to a smart thermostat via Wi-Fi. Here are ways you can get the most out of your new thermostat in Fairdale, KY.

Track Your Energy Usage

A smart thermostat can enable you to keep track of your energy consumption. It shows changes in your energy consumption and how much it will cost you. This will enable you to use your energy more efficiently to save on costs.

Smart thermostats have movement sensors that track people’s movement within the house. This ensures that it only cools the rooms that have the most movement. This can help you save time on adjusting the temperatures of different rooms.

Create a Schedule

Smart thermostats are easy to program to your cooling requirements. Large homes usually have separate thermostats controlling different zones or floors. Smart thermostats help to cool these zones separately according to their requirements to save energy costs.

A smart thermostat has features like geofencing that can keep track of your geolocation via your smartphone. This enables you to regulate your thermostat even while you’re away on vacation. This will improve energy efficiency and help you save money on energy costs.

A smart thermostat can monitor your daily routines and learn your cooling habits to adjust your temperature automatically when you leave your house. It can also cool off your house a few minutes before you arrive home from work. This feature allows you to save on costs as well as the time used to turn off your thermostat manually.

You can program your smart thermostat to receive weather reports. This will enable your smart thermostat to automatically make appropriate temperature changes whenever there is a change in weather. This can save you time having to manually adjust home temperatures after a change in the weather patterns.

Energy Profiles

An energy profile of your home consists of its size, location and methods of heating or cooling. A smart thermostat integrates with these details to improve your energy efficiency. A smart thermostat will be able to make automatic temperature changes based on your home profile, saving you time.

Smart thermostats are compatible with other smart home devices. This helps to create a diverse smart home network to improve the efficiency of your home HVAC system. Devices that are compatible with your smart thermostat include smart humidifiers and air purifiers.

Remote Control

You can control your smart thermostat remotely using your smartphone. A smart thermostat can link with a smartphone via a Wi-Fi connection and allow you to adjust your home temperatures while you are away. This can help you improve energy efficiency in your home and save both time and money.

Smart thermostats can connect with voice assistant technology. This allows you to issue commands directly to your smart thermostat using only your voice. This ensures that it makes instant temperature changes and saves you time.

Specific Temperature Control

A smart thermostat offers precise and accurate information on home temperatures. It has a visible screen where you can check temperature changes. This can save time on trying to read smaller displays on poorly lit screens.

Program Your Thermostat for Best Results

Seven-day programming is best for families with irregular schedules since it’s the most flexible option. It allows you to set your cooling schedule for each day of the week.

Using 5-1-1 programming allows you to program your thermostat for a week and set a different schedule for Saturday and Sunday. Using 5-2 programming works the same as the 5-1-1 but has the same cooling schedule for Saturday and Sunday.

You can choose single-week programming to set only one cooling schedule that repeats for all the days of the entire week. This is convenient for people with a fixed schedule for the entire week.

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