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A cracked heat exchanger in your furnace threatens the health of everyone in your home in Hillview, KY. A heat exchanger separates exhaust fumes from the combustion of natural gas or propane from the air entering your home. Once a crack develops, you need the part replaced as soon as possible.

Carbon Monoxide Danger

Because a cracked heat exchanger allows carbon monoxide (CO) to leak into the air circulating through your vents, the CO level in your home will rise. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, once CO concentration reaches 70 parts per million, occupants will experience headaches, dizziness and perhaps nausea. CO concentrations rising above 150 ppm can cause you to lose consciousness and die.

High Potential for Furnace Fire

Any cracks that develop could allow combustible propane or natural gas to leak into the furnace housing. When the furnace activates, leaked gases could combust in an uncontrolled manner. Furnace components could catch fire, and flames could spread throughout the house.

A house fire easily places you at risk of smoke inhalation and death. Even without that terrible outcome, you’ll still face substantial costs related to repairs after the fire.

Annual furnace inspections by a professional furnace repair company in Hillview, KY, can detect problems before fires start.

Nitrous Oxide Exposure

A broken heat exchanger could also leak nitrous oxide (N2) into the air that you breathe. This is another form of gas released by fuel combustion that should go up to your chimney instead of into your house.

When N2O pollutes your indoor air, you could become sick. Common symptoms of N2O exposure include feeling dizzy and losing consciousness. Prolonged exposure to heavy levels of this gas can cause death.

When the heat exchanger cracks, your safety becomes the central issue. For effective professional furnace repairs, contact One Choice Mechanical, LLC today.

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