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Almost 90% of households use air conditioning in the hot summer months, and homeowners contact AC repair companies when their systems stop working. 

As a result, you’ll likely search for “AC repair near me” if your system keeps freezing. Why do AC systems freeze? What causes this problem?

If this happens, your home AC won’t function properly, so you’ll need to hire a contractor in Clarksville, KY. 

Here is a guide to help you learn the common causes and solutions for AC freezing issues.

Restricted Airflow Causes Freezing Home AC

Your AC system contains many parts, but the evaporator coil is the component that develops ice on it, leaving it frozen. One of the most common causes of this problem is restricted airflow.

This component needs enough airflow to complete its job, which is to transfer heat from your house outside. Without enough airflow, it freezes up, leaving you in need of AC services

Proper heating and cooling maintenance can help to prevent this problem, as a dirty air filter is one cause. You can prevent the air filter from restricting airflow by replacing it regularly.

Replacing it regularly also helps improve your indoor air quality, as the filter removes impurities and debris from the air before conditioning it.

Your system might also experience restricted airflow from problems with the blower fan or dirty air ducts. Replacing the fan will fix the problem if your fan is bad, and cleaning the air ducts will solve the issue if this is the cause.

Low Refrigerant Leads to AC Freezing

Many AC systems use Freon as the coolant, but some systems use other coolants. In any case, low refrigerant levels lead to AC systems freezing. 

Again, you can prevent this through an AC and heating tune-up. During a tune-up, the technician checks the level and replaces it if necessary. 

If you suspect your system needs coolant, you can look up local AC companies to check and replace it as needed. 

Blockage in Drain Lines

A blocked condensation drain line also causes an AC system to freeze. Your system needs to drain the water it creates when cooling your home.

This water occurs through the process of condensation. As the system extracts heat from the air, water forms and needs a place to go. The technician can fix this by replacing the line or removing the debris from it.

In addition to your AC freezing up, you might also experience problems with your air conditioner leaking/AC pan leaking. You can request an AC repair-free estimate for this problem.

Look for “AC Repair Near Me”

When your home AC freezes up, you can search for “AC repair near me.” You’ll need professional services for AC freezing issues if you want your system to run properly.

Contact us at One Choice Mechanical. We service the Clarksville, KY area and can diagnose and fix your AC issues. Visit our site or fill out this form to contact us for services. 


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