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Many people think saving energy means they won’t be able to keep their homes as comfortable as they’d like. However, it’s easy to maintain preferred temperatures in your Eastwood, Kentucky, home and still save energy. The following methods will ensure you see improvements on your utility bills without sacrificing comfort.

Seal Windows

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways you can improve energy efficiency in your home is by sealing the windows. The caulking around windows can crack and split over time and cause air leaks. This can be easy to miss since you likely don’t spend time examining the windows around your home. It’s a quick fix with caulk or weatherstripping, and you’ll notice energy efficiency improving thanks to reduced leakage. Your house will not only be more comfortable overall, but you’ll be able to use your manage indoor temperatures more effectively.

Improve Airflow

Airflow is important for maintaining a comfortable and cool home. You can improve airflow by:

  • Changing your air filter regularly
  • Keeping all vents open
  • Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance for a thorough system cleaning
  • Ensuring pictures or furniture aren’t placed in front of or over vents

Impeding airflow can result in hot and cold spots. You are also likely to see an increase in your energy bill as your AC has to work harder to cool rooms in which air doesn’t flow freely.

Inspect Ducts

Ducts are the pipelines that bring fresh air to the rest of your house. Leaks in your ductwork waste cool air, preventing it from getting to you. As a result, your HVAC unit has to work harder to cool your home. This leads to higher energy bills and, if the leaks are substantial, reduced comfort. Having your ductwork resealed will improve your home’s efficiency and make it easier for your AC to keep your home at your desired temperature.

The experts at One Choice Mechanical can improve system efficiency with reliable repairs, maintenance, and duct sealing services. Give us a call at (502) 242-8204 today to set up a consultation.

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