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You need a sharp eye when checking out signs that your ductwork needs cleaning since ducts work behind layers of sheetrock and flooring. Duct cleaning refers to the cleaning of various parts of the heating and cooling system that includes drip pans, supply air registers, heat exchangers and fan housing. Here are the following are three warning signs that your ducts need cleaning in Eastwood, KY.

Presence of Biological Growth in Your Air Conditioning Systems or Furnace

You should clean your HVAC system periodically. Most HVAC service professionals and manufacturers recommend two services annually. The presence of biological growth can be a possibility since furnaces and air conditioners develop condensation, especially in a humid environment.

You must contact certified indoor air experts to help you clean the biological contaminants. However, the presence of these contaminants in your air conditioners isn’t proof that your ductwork is faulty, though it may increase the chances.

Your Home Has Just Undergone a Renovation

Renovations can be messy. Debris and dust can always find a way into the house even after a thorough cleanup. Dust and dirt make way into the ductwork because it may be unrealistic for homeowners to completely cover the HVAC system during the entire renovation period.

Increased Costs of Heating and Cooling

Homeowners should be able to predict their electric bills throughout the year. You may need to clean your ductwork if you notice that there is an increase in electricity bills when compared to previous bills.

In some cases, the ductwork may be unable to efficiently and freely flow air through the HVAC system. This may force the air conditioner and furnace to work extra hard to maintain the desired temperature, thus increasing the utility bills.

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