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An annual inspection for a furnace is necessary for multiple reasons. In this guide, you’ll discover why you should schedule fall maintenance in West Buechel, KY.

Better Airflow and Less Pollution

As a furnace heats a home, it distributes hot air through a filter. The filter’s role during this process is important; it traps contaminants in the air before they have a chance to enter a home.

During fall maintenance, we check a furnace’s filter and all areas and components around it. If a blower isn’t operating correctly, we’ll make adjustments to improve airflow. Then we’ll perform a thorough inspection to ensure that no debris has invaded the furnace’s interior.

A Safer Furnace

When a furnace creates heat, it produces carbon monoxide. If a furnace begins to leak carbon monoxide, no one will know if there is no carbon monoxide detector in the home because the gas is colorless and odorless.

A furnace typically leaks gas after it reaches a certain age and develops cracks on its combustion chamber. Without maintenance, gas will blast out of the smallest cracks, and everyone within the range of the leak will start to experience carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms until a technician repairs the cracks.

We check furnaces thoroughly for cracks to keep families safe. If we find spots on a combustion chamber where carbon monoxide can leak, we’ll implement proper repair procedures.

A More Reliable Furnace

Your furnace will work harder to keep spaces warm throughout the fall and winter if its parts aren’t in optimum condition. If you take proper steps to optimize all components that influence your furnace’s performance, it will operate more efficiently when under a lot of stress.

Preventive maintenance is the easiest way to get the most out of your furnace. When you ignore preventive maintenance, key components break down faster. If you schedule maintenance, you’ll extend your furnace’s life span.

Lower Energy Bills

All furnaces have multiple components that work together to produce heat. Without maintenance, dirt will build up inside of a furnace. If it creates a thick layer, it could decrease a furnace’s efficiency by up to 40%.

A furnace that fails to operate at its maximum efficiency increases energy costs because it runs longer than it should. The source of longer cycles is dirt; when it covers vital parts, it minimizes air output, and this extends the time it takes for rooms in your home to reach the desired temperature.

Annual Savings

All furnaces will require maintenance or repairs. The big benefit is that maintenance prevents repairs, and it’s more affordable. If you schedule maintenance for your system every year, you won’t have to pay thousands of dollars on emergency repairs or a brand new furnace.

No Odd Sounds

A furnace may start to produce odd sounds during the winter if you delay maintenance. For example, you may hear strange noises emitting from your furnace during a heating cycle. These noises happen when a furnace has a worn or loose belt.

We include a thorough inspection with a seasonal tune-up. We check belts, motors, and other components that can commonly generate loud sounds before they’re about to break down.

No Air Quality Problems

In some cases, a furnace can make the air in a home dry during the winter. If you try our maintenance service, we’ll take strategic steps to test the air quality in your home.

To improve air quality, we equip homes with professional-grade air quality products. Our solutions remove contaminants, and they work well with a furnace throughout the winter.

We offer a variety of products that can sense IAQ. If we discover that your furnace is producing dry air and pollution during a fall maintenance job, you can take advantage of our indoor air quality service.

Contact One Choice Mechanical, LLC and schedule annual maintenance for your furnace. After you’ve scheduled the appointment, we’ll optimize the equipment, and we’ll give you a diagnostic report when the job is complete.

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